Enabling Cost-Conscious Prescribing Decisions; Simple Switches, Big Cost Savings

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Prescription costs depend on a variety of factors including the individual health plan, formulary, and deductible. For a doctor, it's impossible to know every component that impacts pricing for each patient. Rx Savings Solutions ("RxSS"), the market-leading tool for pharmacy transparency, today released Direct to Prescriber, a new feature that fills that knowledge gap and empowers Prescribers with information to help their patient lower their out-of-pocket costs while also driving savings for the plan sponsor.

RxSS patented software identifies routine prescription switches that save members money, such as dose form changes, generic clones, and therapeutic alternatives. Evolving out of the core RxSS offering, Direct to Prescriber takes the same proactive approach to those who write prescriptions. Focusing on easy cost saving switches and using a proven outreach workflow, RxSS educates the Prescriber about lower-cost alternative medications and requests approval for a new Rx.

"RxSS Direct to Prescriber does for practitioners what our hallmark solution does for our members: Provides clinically sound savings suggestions for prescriptions that also lower the total cost of care," said Michael Rea, a clinical pharmacist who founded and currently leads Rx Savings Solutions. "It's yet another tool in our arsenal that transforms personalized prescription price transparency for consumers and drives savings."

While suggestions are based on member and plan cost-savings, Direct to Prescriber enables the trusted Prescriber to determine whether the recommendation is the right decision for the member's wallet and well-being. This new offering:

  • Offers thousands of clinical, dose-adjusted savings suggestions from the RxSS patented engine;
  • Has best-in-class Prescriber engagement strategies;
  • Employs a specially trained team of pharmacy technicians and board-certified pharmacists who work with Prescribers to increase successful switching;
  • Works with clients to customize their approach to maximize formulary and rebate strategies;
  • Is available to select groups as an optional feature to the core solution.

"Doctors don't have access to all of the details about a patient's coverage. We do," added Rea. "Everything is distilled for simple clinical and cost comparison. Going beyond the offering, we have the tools necessary to support Providers and empower them to make informed decisions, inclusive of all therapy options with pricing information, in order to prescribe what is best for their patients."

Since 2012, RxSS has pioneered pharmacy transparency, educating members about cost saving alternatives and requesting medication switches from their Prescribers. With innovative features such as AdminRx for Care Coordination, RxSS is the only solution that provides complete transparency for members, Prescribers, and care teams to drive savings, satisfaction, and positive outcomes.

More than 17 million people have access to the RxSS cost-saving solution, enabling them to lower their out-of-pocket costs and reduce pharmacy spend for their plan.

About Rx Savings Solutions 
Founded by a pharmacist, Rx Savings Solutions helps people and payers reduce prescription drug costs through a combination of clinical technology, transparency, member engagement and concierge support. Currently 17 million members have access to personalized recommendations for lowering prescription costs and dedicated pharmacy experts to help navigate benefits, providers and pharmacies. For more information, visit rxss.com or follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter

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